Explaining CogniWerk: Basic functionalities.

Image to Image - Walkthrough

Cards against Cogniwerk - The tool we don’t deserve, but the tool we need.

Cards against Cogniwerk: The Battle for Creative Freedom

Cards against Cogniwerk: the heart of the labyrinth

Week 17 of 2024: A Review of AI Developments

Embracing Diversity and Innovation: The CogniWerk.ai Multinational Tech Team Journey

Is this the end of production as we know it?

ControlNet: A Leap in AI-Generated Imagery

AI Advances: Our 2024 Innovations

A review as the year winds down

Real-time AI drawing tools on the test bench

AI Video Tools: Comparing the current Video AI Landscape

Musavir.ai - The rising star from Dubai?

Bringing Voices to Life: Exploring ElevenLabs and SadTalker

Prompt Editing: Tips and Tricks for Concept Bleeding

Segment Anything: Inpainting with Image Segmentation

3 Methods to Generate GIF-Animations with Stable Diffusion

MusicGen: Text2Music with AudioCraft

Super Prompts for ChatGPT: Generate Images and Ideas

Dream Textures for Blender

ClipDrop: All the Tools You Need

AI Color Inspiration with Khroma

Create a 3D World with AI-Depthmaps

Generate & Animate 3D Characters with PIFuHD

Vector Studio: Create and Transform Your Visuals into Icons, Logos and Vector Art

A Virtual Wardrobe: Editing With Natural Language with InstructPix2Pix

Boost Your Brand With a Visual Transformation: Style-Transfer with MultiControlnet

Enhance Details & Quality: Upscaling into Super-Resolution with ESRGAN

A Guide to AI-Powered Video Synthesis: Transforming Videos with EbSynth

Inpainting: The AI Technique Transforming Image Editing