Boost Your Brand With a Visual Transformation: Style-Transfer with MultiControlnet


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 17.10.2023

We all know and love the newest hyped addition to the AUTOMATIC1111 extensions-tab: ControlNet. It lets us take charge over the output and combine text-based prompts and visuals from images. With its latest update, you can combine multiple ControlNets - so crank up your slider in the settings of your web UI and take control of your images with multiple models and tools!

More Control While Transfering Styles

Even more game changing: recently, the new ControlNet model called T2I-Adapter style was released by TencentARC for Stable Diffusion. The model allows you to easily transfer the style of a base image to another one inside ControlNet. With this, you can easily keep your base image with all its details like type, outlines and composition and transform it through a style transfer.

Change your logo like a Google-Doodle for a special occasion or event; boost your beauty shots of your product photography or create a visually stunning poster art while inputting only simple type design!
Swipe through this image carousel to see the indepth workflow of how to edit images easily with ControlNet and the Style-Adapters.