ControlNet: A Leap in AI-Generated Imagery


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 11.02.2024

ControlNet integration marks a significant milestone for us, bringing us closer to achieving unparalleled control over AI-generated images.Imagine it as a smart assistant for your digital artwork, capable of precisely generating an image based on your instructions. For example, you can build a reference composition and let AI generate a picture right on your preferred layout. This breakthrough technology offers a new level of control and intentionality in image generation, allowing users to create highly detailed and tailored visuals according to their unique preferences. Try it in our new Cogniwerk interface

Controlnet Comparison


Evolving Visual Identity: The Cogniwerk Transformation

In recent months, Cogniwerk has undergone a significant makeover. Our platform has evolved from offering a curated collection of AI tools to integrating top-notch tools into our user-friendly AI interface. This shift focuses on enhancing your experience by providing access to the best tools. Still you can browse and filter through our Discover section, making it easier and more efficient for you to explore and utilize AI technologies.


The Powerhouse Behind Our Progress: Deutsche Telekom's Support 

An essential element for our progress at Cogniwerk is robust computing power. We're thrilled to partner with Deutsche Telekom, who has generously offered us access to their advanced cloud infrastructure. This collaboration is part of their Tech-Boost program, which equips us with the necessary resources to push the boundaries of AI technology. Thanks to this partnership, we can ensure that our platform operates at peak performance, offering our users a seamless and efficient experience.

Techboost Telekom

Our Upcoming Goals

In line with our vision, we're committed to enhancing the user experience with Cogniwerk. Our efforts are centered on refining our design to make navigation and functionality more intuitive. Alongside this, we're intensifying our focus on social media, employing innovative strategies to effectively communicate how users can easily benefit from our platform. This approach aims to simplify your interaction with Cogniwerk, ensuring that its advantages are clearly understood and accessible to everyone.


Your feedback helps us on the way so please feel free to reach out when experiencing issues. 


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