Is this the end of production as we know it?


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 17.03.2024

The status quo: Sora by OpenAI

If disruption had a signature video then it might have been one that was posted a couple of weeks ago showing Open AI’s new Sora-model. One-minute videos, highly consistent, flooded every social media channel. Those who still think that the creative industry will remain as it was should perhaps take some time to reconsider.

However, seeing how quickly this information was no longer the top talk in town, highlights the incredible pace of innovation in this field.

Nevertheless, Runway ML must have taken a moment to recover from the shock. Among the features celebrated in Sora is the simplicity of the prompts, which lead to impressive results. Simplicity is user-friendly, but it often lacks a lot of control. This raises an important question: how might a triple A Hollywood director use this technology to produce movies with consistent style, characters, and storyline? Such a level of control is crucial for narrative filmmaking, and current AI innovations hint at fascinating possibilities for the future of movie production.

We don't know what's happening behind the scenes of other companies' software development. But we do know what's happening behind ours, so let’s give you all a moment to catch up: 

What we are working on continues to enhance its user experience, creating the perfect environment for creatives to have maximum control over their project outputs.

After launching our last iteration including ControlNet, we are now focused on conveying to users the significant advantages it offers. ControlNet has been a major benefit for Stable Diffusion Users for about a year now, but for the majority, it is still a blank space. So, to this end, we have beefed up our social media presence with explanatory videos. Our upcoming iteration will also include an onboarding process featuring animations of all available features, such as background remover and Inpainting and our new Focus Mode will make it easier to view all the last generations in detail. Also easier is going to be the switching between modes within the same workflow. 

With the next iteration there will also be a Prompt Enhancer, which improves your prompt in the background to achieve better results. The prompt interface will be bigger and on top our developers are working hard to smooth out the previously built-in features. Inpainting, one of our other major attractions, and ControlNet, have both received upgrades.

And what are our next goals? Our team of Creative Technologists continues to keep an eye on the best tools that can be integrated into our modular interface. Model fine-tuning, i.e., training one's models, is a big part of our program. 

Ai and Camera

Our designer is refining the best implementations to make them as user-friendly as possible. Meanwhile, our developers are busy with front-end and back-end work to integrate everything into a functional system.

Next Friday, we'll all sit together in our coworking space, provided by the Creative Society Hamburg as part of a grant. There, we'll plan the next big things. So, stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter (Link underneath the feedback form), and follow our social media channels.