A review as the year winds down


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 22.12.2023

As the year draws to a close, the tech world continues to witness rapid developments. Among these are Google's Chat Bot Gemini, the European Union's AI Act, and cutting-edge tools like Visual Electric or the V6 Version of Midjourney. In this dynamic environment, Cogniwerk is gearing up for a successful transition into the new year.
As as for that decided to be more transparent with our workflow. 

In our latest iteration, we introduced both upscale and inpainting models, a move that, admittedly, introduced some challenges. Our team, in a collaborative effort, meticulously analyzed and addressed these bugs. Our commitment lies in ensuring a seamless user experience with our tools, and to this end, we continually refine our workflows, balancing strategy and development to achieve optimum results.
We invite you to explore the latest version of our AI tool at our interface and share your valuable feedback.

Another exciting moment. The EU's AI Act marks a significant step in regulating generative AI, a development that has sparked diverse reactions across the tech community. Reflecting our engagement with these important discussions, one of our team members recently attended a panel at the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC e.V.), emphasizing how these developments resonate with our work at Cogniwerk.
While we steer clear of deep political discussions on this platform, a brief note is pertinent: Currently, our projects appear to be clear of any risk areas identified in the AI Act. Looking ahead, as we fine-tune our models, our responsibility will be to maintain transparency in our training materials and safeguard intellectual property rights – best practice as it should be.

Now there is nothing more to say than enjoy your holidays and see you all healthy next year.