Embracing Diversity and Innovation: The Multinational Tech Team Journey


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 02.04.2024

In the spring of 2023, the inception of marked a pivotal moment in our quest for assembling a tech team adept in frontend and backend development. Recognizing the challenges of sourcing good talent within Germany, we turned our sights towards the vibrant digital ecosystem of India, leveraging my year long experiences as a business angel in the region with the network which has grown out of this. This decision came at an opportune moment, aligning with the shifting dynamics of work culture that had begun to influence employee preferences and job markets.

The global pandemic had catalyzed a monumental shift towards remote work, allowing employees to immerse themselves in the comforts and cost-effectiveness of their hometowns. The allure of working amidst the tranquility of rural settings, far from the congested and costly urban sprawls of cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Delhi, became increasingly apparent. Despite the corporate inclination to revert to pre-pandemic office routines, the desire for a work-life balance steeped in familial and environmental serenity remained strong. India’s robust internet infrastructure further dismantled geographical barriers, ensuring seamless global communication.

Our venture bore fruit as we successfully onboarded three talented developers from the states of Utarakhand and Telangana, who joined our ranks to work remotely. This not only enriched with skilled professionals but also introduced a cultural and experiential diversity that we cherish. We believe that the strength of our team lies in its diversity, far surpassing the conventional homogeneity found in teams emerging from singular academic or regional backgrounds.

The diversity within is epitomized by our CTO Mohamed, whose journey from his birth place in Egypt to his academic education in the German Saarland and ultimately to Berlin, symbolizes the confluence of varied experiences and perspectives that define our team’s essence. This multicultural fabric is not just a testament to our inclusive ethos but also a strategic advantage that enhances our resilience and innovation.

A recent rendezvous in Hyderabad with the Indian contingent of our team underscored the value of personal connections in fostering teamwork and collaboration. Despite the physical distances that separate us, the meeting with Rakshit and Vamsi, and Ateq’s virtual participation from his hometown, reflected the deep bonds and mutual respect that underpin our operations. It was a reaffirmation of the belief that in the realm of technology and innovation, geographical boundaries are merely a construct, and it’s the shared vision and collective effort that drive success.

At, our journey is not just about building technology and a platform which provides access to the latest Generative AI tools for creatives; it’s about creating a global community that respects diversity, embraces challenge, and cherishes innovation. Our multinational team is a beacon of what is achievable when talent, culture, and vision converge, heralding a future where technology transcends borders to create a more connected and inclusive world.