Vector Studio: Create and Transform Your Visuals into Icons, Logos and Vector Art


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 17.10.2023

Whether you're creating logos, icons or vector art; having a powerful and intuitive tool can make all the difference. That's where Vector Studio comes in. Vector Studio is an extension for the AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI that allows you to create stunning vector art, svg icons, logo designs and other similar output directly in the WebUI, ready to be freely edited in the new tab. In this blogpost, I will show you workflow details and how to get the most use out of this tool.

Generating SVG Images Directly in A1111's WebUI

One of the most impressive features of Vector Studio is its ability to transform text-to-image generations into SVG-files as well as PNG-files. This means that you can easily generate designs like logotypes, flat vector art and scalable images and then edit them freely in your favorite vector editing software like Illustrator. But now you can also do that directly in the AUTOMATIC1111 WebUi! This feature alone makes Vector Studio a game-changer for anyone who wants to create stunning vector art.

Blog Vector1

Output PNG from a text2img-generation

Blog Vector2

Output SVG, corresponding to the text2img-generation

Blog Vector3

Final artwork after editing the output SVG manually

Workflow: From Initial Output to Customizable Vector Design

After installing the Vector Studio extension through the extensions-tab, head ofer to the text2img-tab to find a new script: Vector Studio. There you already can control the output with many settings. Try using the 'Illustration' or 'Logo' visual style! It helps a ton if you use models/LoRAs that are finetuned on logotype and other heavy silhouette/flat design based images. When prompt crafting, make sure to stay monochromatic with high contrast. 

When clicking 'generate', you'll see that not only a PNG-file has been generated, but also a SVG-file. You can send it straight to the built-in Vector Studio-tab to edit it further. Another great way of taking it a further step with the help of AI-based design tools is uploading your vector design to Adobe Firefly. There you can easily change the whole look and feel with color adjustments and keep the SVG-vector image!