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Use the power of text2image tools directly within unity

Ai.Fy is a powerful extension for Unity Editor designed specifically for designers and creatives. With this tool, you can easily convert text into images, turn rough sketches into stylized game art, generate concept designs, and even create materials without the need for complex coding or external software. The possibilities are endless!

Key Features:

  1. Text to Image Converter: Describe your desired image or texture, and Ai.Fy will generate it with just one click. Say goodbye to lengthy manual design processes!

  2. Rough Sketches to Textures: Transform your rough sketches into stunning and stylized game art using the Match Image Feedback Loop. It's like magic!

  3. Material Creation: Enhance your materials by using the normal map and specular/smoothness map generators. No need for additional 3D software.

  4. Re-Texture and Re-Master Games: Easily replace or re-hash textures in bulk, and create normal maps or upscaled resolution textures with the batch mode feature.

  5. Visual Novel Artwork: Create backgrounds and characters for visual novel games by simply providing a text prompt. Ai.Fy will generate the art for you.

  6. Upscale Game Textures: Upgrade your game's visual quality by upscaling low-resolution textures to 4K. Bring out the details and enhance the overall visual experience.

  7. Streamlined Workflow: Keep all your assets within the Unity Editor. Access and manage them easily without switching between different services or applications.

  8. AI Models Included: Ai.Fy comes with advanced AI models, including Super Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks (SRGANs), a Depth Estimation Model, and a Text to Image Diffusion Model.