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ControlNET Extension for StableDiffusion WebUI

ControlNet for Stable Diffusion WebUI, based on Lyumin Zhang's ControlNet↗︎, is a sophisticated extension for AUTOMATIC1111's Stable Diffusion web UI↗︎. It enhances the original Stable Diffusion↗︎ model with advanced image generation capabilities through ControlNet and other injection-based SD controls. Here is a detailed overview:

  1. Integration with Stable Diffusion WebUI: The extension is designed to integrate seamlessly with AUTOMATIC1111's Stable Diffusion web UI. It allows users to add ControlNet to the existing Stable Diffusion model, enhancing its image generation capabilities. This integration is executed on-the-fly, without requiring any merging of models.
  2. Installation Process: Users can easily install the extension through the "Extensions" tab in the Stable Diffusion web UI. The installation involves entering the GitHub repository URL, waiting for the installation confirmation, and then restarting the web UI. It's a straightforward process, designed to be user-friendly.
  3. Model Download and Placement: The extension currently supports all 14 models of ControlNet 1.1, which are in beta testing. Users need to download the ".pth" model files from the specified HuggingFace repository and place them in the designated folder within the extension's directory.
  4. Feature Highlights:
    • ControlNet Support: Offers perfect support for all ControlNet 1.0/1.1 and T2I Adapter models, including various preprocessors.
    • High-Resolution Fix: Integrates a high-res fix in AUTOMATIC1111, producing two control images for basic and high-res generation.
    • Img2Img and Inpaint Settings Compatibility: Extensively tested with different mask types and resizing settings in AUTOMATIC1111, ensuring smooth usage across various settings.
    • Pixel-Perfect Mode: Automatically computes the best annotator resolution, ensuring each pixel aligns perfectly with Stable Diffusion.
    • User-Friendly GUI and Preprocessor Preview: Improved UI for easier navigation and an enhanced preview experience.
    • Upscaling Script Support: Compatible with almost all upscaling and tile methods, including "Ultimate SD upscale".
  5. Control Modes and Reference-Only Control: The extension offers multiple control modes for balancing between prompt importance and ControlNet influence. It also includes a reference-only preprocessor for guidance using images as references, enhancing the diffusion process.
  6. Technical Documents and Default Settings: For users seeking a deeper understanding or troubleshooting, technical documents and a default settings guide are available.
  7. Multi-ControlNet and Batch Mode: Supports multiple ControlNet inputs for a single generation and batch mode for efficient processing of multiple tasks.
  8. API and Script Access: The extension is accessible via API or external extension call, offering flexibility for advanced users.

This extension significantly enhances the capabilities of the Stable Diffusion model, making it a powerful tool for advanced image generation and manipulation. Its integration with the Stable Diffusion web UI, combined with user-friendly features and comprehensive documentation, makes it accessible to both novice and expert users in the realm of AI-driven art creation.