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Create images, sound and videos from textprompts

Fulljourney is a intuitive suite of AI tools, which works on a discord-bot that creates images, sound, speech or videos from textual descriptions, similar to Midjourney↗︎ or RunwayML's Gen-2↗︎.

Some of its keyfeatures are:

  1. Command-Based Creativity: There are different commands to create diverse media, from expanding pictures over lip sync up to complete short movies with sound.

  2. Image Manipulation: Full Journey allows you to manipulate and transform images, adjusting them to your desired style or mood, making it a valuable resource for visual artists.

  3. Voice and Sound: You can generate voiceovers and sound effects, adding an auditory dimension to your projects, whether it's for animations, videos, or interactive media.

  4. Versatile Animation: The tool offers animation options, enabling you to breathe life into your creations, whether it's animating images or generating cinematic sequences.

  5. Customization: You have control over parameters like image style, intensity, and other details, allowing you to fine-tune your creations until they match your artistic vision.

  6. Music Creation: You can craft music that suits your projects, be it background music for videos or standalone compositions, giving you more control over the atmosphere.

  7. Efficiency: It streamlines your creative process by offering a wide array of creative tools within a single platform, saving you time and effort in sourcing different elements separately.