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Enhance the image resolution for videos and images

Gigapixel AI, a specialized AI tool by Topaz Labs, stands out in the realm of image enhancement through its sophisticated upscaling capabilities. This tool primarily excels in increasing image resolution in a natural way, distinguishing itself from conventional upscaling algorithms that often result in blocky, low-quality outcomes. The v6.3 update of Gigapixel AI introduced a noteworthy enhancement to the Standard model, providing more natural-looking details across a broad spectrum of upscaled images, especially those affected by blur and noise. Additionally, it features a new High Quality model, optimized for upscaling images that are already of high quality.

The core strengths of Gigapixel AI include its ability to upscale low-resolution images, reduce artifacts, enhance fine details, and allow for customizable outputs. It also boasts efficient processing of images in bulk, making it a versatile tool for various image enhancement needs. Its user-friendly design further adds to its appeal, offering ease of use combined with the capability to increase image size while maintaining sharpness and detail in most cases. The software includes scale presets (0.5x, 2x, 4x, 6x) and allows adjustments based on the width or height of the image.

Gigapixel AI is equipped with five distinct AI models: Standard, Lines, Art & CG, HQ, Low Res, and Very Compressed. Each model is tailored to yield unique results depending on the content and quality of the photo being processed​​. These features position Gigapixel AI as an innovative tool in the fields of generative AI and graphic design, offering significant utility to creatives and professionals in image-related disciplines.