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Zero-Shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds

InstantID excels in generating personalized images rapidly, with an unprecedented focus on maintaining the original identity of the subjects, without fine tuning via Dreambooth↗︎.

Key Features

  • High-Fidelity Personalization: Leveraging AI, InstantID customizes images to various poses and styles, ensuring remarkable fidelity to the original identity.
  • Innovative Face Swap Capabilities: The tool extends beyond traditional face swap techniques, offering advanced identity-preserving transformations in diverse contexts.
  • Resistance to Deepfake Misuse: While sharing some technological underpinnings with deepfake algorithms, InstantID is designed for positive personalization purposes, emphasizing authenticity and ethical use.
  • Character Consistency Across Styles: It excels in maintaining character consistency, crucial for applications demanding a uniform identity portrayal across different media formats.
  • Single Reference Image Operation: Unique in its efficiency, InstantID only requires one reference image, simplifying the process of personalized image generation.


InstantID finds its place in numerous sectors, including digital media, personalized advertising, virtual avatar creation, and the entertainment industry. Its ability to maintain character consistency and identity integrity makes it particularly valuable for creating personalized experiences in gaming, virtual reality, and online interactions.