Generative AI Models for Creatives


Powerful and intuitive generative audio and video tools

Kaiber Studio is an AI Research Lab and Creative Studio that collaborates with artists and brands to create immersive interactive experiences and revolutionize storytelling.

Their core features are designed specifically for artists, providing them with powerful and intuitive generative audio and video tools. Despite being a paid service, musicians get special offers.

  1. Audioreactivity: Experience captivating visuals that dynamically respond to every beat and rhythm, adding an extra layer of engagement to your projects.
  2. Animation: Watch as your words come to life and still images transform into captivating moving visuals, giving your creations a whole new dimension.
  3. Transform: Easily change the look and feel of your videos with just a few clicks, allowing you to experiment and explore different visual styles effortlessly.
  4. Storyboard: Design your narratives prompt-to-prompt with ease, organizing your ideas and creating seamless visual storytelling experiences.
  5. Gallery: Immerse yourself in an endless source of inspiration to fuel your creative journey, discovering new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of your artistic vision.
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Published in2023
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