Advanced Vocal Remover for Music Enthusiasts

Moises AI is a versatile music app that provides a wide range of AI-powered features to assist musicians, educators, and producers. Its capabilities extend from audio manipulation to music practice enhancements, catering to a diverse audience across various platforms including mobile devices and web browsers.

Detailed Feature Overview

  1. AI Audio Separation: This feature is central to Moises AI's functionality, allowing users to isolate or remove vocals and instruments from songs. It's particularly useful for creating instrumental tracks or for vocal practice.

  2. Smart Metronome & Audio Speed Changer: The Smart Metronome synchronizes with the beat of a song, facilitating efficient music practice. The Audio Speed Changer allows users to adjust the tempo of a song, aiding in learning and practicing at different speeds.

  3. Pitch Changer & AI Key Detection: This tool assists in changing the song's key, making it easier for musicians to match their vocal range or instrument tuning. It's especially useful for singers and instrumentalists who need to adjust the key of a song for practice or performance.

  4. Chord Detection: Moises AI's Chord Detection feature identifies chords in real-time, simplifying the process of learning and practicing songs. This feature is beneficial for musicians and educators in understanding song structures and chord progressions.

  5. Additional Tools: Moises AI also offers features like Vocal Adjustment, Pitch Perfect analysis, and Smart Metronome, enhancing the overall musical experience. These tools aid in refining vocal skills, ensuring harmonious compositions, and mastering rhythm and timing in music.

Target Audience

  • Music Teachers: Moises AI serves as a valuable tool in music education, providing innovative ways to teach and practice music.
  • Producers and DJs: The app offers powerful features for music production and editing, suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Musicians (Guitarists, Bassists, Drummers, Singers): Moises AI supports musicians with various features like backing track creation, vocal isolation, and rhythm training, enhancing practice and performance.

Accessibility and Pricing

Moises AI is accessible on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices, as well as through a web-based version, ensuring wide accessibility. The app offers a free version with basic features and a Premium subscription at $3.99 per month for unlimited access and advanced features.