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Transform Your Long Videos into Viral Shorts with Ease

Opus Clip is a cutting-edge AI video tool designed to simplify the creative process for designers and creatives. If you often work with long talking videos like podcasts, educational content, commentaries, and more, Opus Clip can help you repurpose them into engaging short clips effortlessly. No tech jargon, just powerful features tailored for your creative needs.

How It Helps in Your Creative Process:

  • ClipGenius™ - Smart Video Editing: Opus Clip's AI analyzes your video to identify the most captivating moments. It extracts juicy highlights from various parts of your video and seamlessly arranges them into cohesive, attention-grabbing short videos.
  • AI Virality Score™ - Optimize for Engagement: The AI generates a score indicating the potential virality of each short clip. This score is based on analysis of thousands of successful viral videos, helping you choose the most impactful content.
  • AI Co-Pilot - Control and Precision: You can specify timeframes or search for specific keywords to clip, providing you with more control over the final output. This ensures your creative vision is realized in every clip.
  • Active Speaker Detection - Perfect Framing: Opus Clip's predictive AI keeps moving faces, like yours and your guests', at the center of the video frame, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement.
  • AI Keyword Highlighter and Emoji Generator - Enhanced Engagement: The AI analyzes your video captions to highlight essential keywords and adds relevant emojis to make your content even more engaging.

Opus Clip offers tools tailored to your needs:

  • Auto resizing to 9:16 ratio Smooth visual and audio transitions
  • Accurate captions with a 97%+ accuracy Free 1080p resolution for impeccable quality
  • Multi-language support (English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese)
  • Customize your brand's visual identity Utilize trendy templates for pro-quality results
  • Ensure speakers are always at the center of the screen