Seamlessly Transforming Speech to Actionable Insights, a pioneering platform in AI audio transcription, specializes in transforming real-time speech into text. This innovative tool facilitates automated meeting notes, offering a comprehensive solution for meeting transcription, summarization, and collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Real-Time Speech to Text Translation:'s core feature is its ability to convert spoken words into text in real time. This capability is integral for live note-taking and ensuring accurate meeting records.

  2. Automated Meeting Notes: Emphasizing the convenience of automated meeting notes, simplifies meeting documentation by providing instant, accurate transcriptions.

  3. Automated Slide Capture (OtterPilot): OtterPilot, an advanced feature of, automatically captures and integrates slides shown during virtual meetings into the meeting notes.

  4. AI-Generated Summaries: Post-meeting, users receive AI-generated summaries of key topics, enhancing the utility of meetings by distilling essential information.

  5. Otter AI Chat: This innovative feature offers real-time voice to text transcription, enabling dynamic interaction and content generation based on meeting discussions.

  6. Multi-Platform Integration: Compatible with major video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, ensures seamless integration across platforms.

  7. Otter Business Plan: Tailored for professional use, this plan includes advanced features like custom vocabulary, shared speaker identification, and robust security measures.

Pricing: offers diverse plans, catering to individual and organizational needs. The Otter Business plan starts from $20 per user per month, providing a comprehensive suite of features for professional requirements.