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Image editing with personalized subject swapping

Photoswap is an innovative AI tool developed by a collaborative team from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Adobe, and the University of California, Santa Barbara, showcased in the NeurIPS 2023 conference. This tool is designed to revolutionize image editing by enabling personalized subject swapping in images. Its primary function is to learn the visual concept of a subject from reference images and then seamlessly integrate it into a target image. This process is facilitated using pre-trained diffusion models in a training-free manner, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.

Key Features of Photoswap

  1. Personalized Subject Swapping: Photoswap allows users to replace subjects in a source image with a specified subject in reference images. This process preserves the original subject's pose and the composition of the source image, making the edits appear natural and seamless.

  2. Use of Pre-trained Diffusion Models: The tool utilizes advanced diffusion models, which are pre-trained, to facilitate the swapping process. This approach ensures that the tool is training-free and user-friendly.

  3. Versatility and Control: Photoswap offers a high degree of control in subject swapping. It can handle multiple subjects and occluded subjects, showcasing its robustness across various contexts. This versatility extends to different domains, from everyday objects to cartoons.

  4. Quality and Precision: The tool has been shown to outperform baseline methods in terms of subject swapping, background preservation, and overall image quality. This is evident in human ratings, underlining its potential for both entertainment and professional editing.

  5. Controllable Similarity: Users have the ability to control the similarity between the generated image and the source image, offering flexibility in the editing process.

Collaborative Development

The development of Photoswap is a result of collaborative efforts between academia and industry, with contributors from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Adobe, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. This collaboration has ensured the integration of cutting-edge research and practical application in the tool.

Application and Licensing

Photoswap is an open-source tool, available on GitHub under the MIT license. This makes it accessible for a wide range of users, from hobbyists to professional editors, who can utilize and modify the tool as per their requirements.