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Pika Labs

Create small videos just simply by typing or animating a picture

Pika is a state-of-the art text2video model, which works on a discord-bot that creates 3 sec short videos from textual descriptions, similar to RunwayML↗︎.

Choose Your Movie Style: Select a movie generation channel from a list of options, such as daily themes and more.

  1. Create Unique Videos: You can easily generate short videos (around 2 seconds) by entering simple commands. For example, you can describe a scene, and Pikalabs will bring it to life.

  2. Customize Video Appearance: Adjust the video's look and feel by specifying details like cinematic HD colors and camera movements. You can control zoom, pan, and rotation to create the perfect visual.

  3. Fine-Tune Motion: Modify the intensity of camera motion to suit your needs. Higher values create more dynamic videos.

  4. Enhance Fluidity: Set the frames per second (fps) to make your video smoother. Higher fps values result in a more fluid animation.

  5. Quality Assurance: Pikalabs ensures high-quality videos with no flickering or glitches. Your creations will have a realistic and polished look.

  6. Innovative Encryption: You can even add an extra layer of creativity by encrypting text or images into your videos using the "/encrypt_text" and "/encrypt_image" commands.