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Effortless Design Rendering with Vizcom

Vizcom combines hand sketching and AI tools to empower designers, enabling faster rendering and concept creation.

  • Save Time with Instant Rendering: Transform sketches into captivating concept drawings in seconds. Import or sketch directly within the app, and AI processing accelerates rendering.
  • Maintain Creative Control: Your creativity matters. Utilize familiar sketch tools and layers, retaining control while AI enhances your design process.
  • Variety Made Easy: Boost efficiency with endless design variations. From colors to materials, Vizcom expedites the production of diverse concepts.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Foster teamwork by collaborating within a shared workspace. Keep your team engaged and updated on shared projects.
  • Quantifiable Workflow Enhancements: 2.4x faster concept rendering 4x more design variations 95% less time on manual rendering.