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Create videos from text prompt via discord

Morph Studio is a creative toolkit on Discord like PikaLabs↗︎ or Fulljourney↗︎, where you can craft unique videos. With a few simple commands, Morph Studio breathes life into concepts, making it an invaluable asset for bringing imaginative projects to life.

Possibilities and Limitations:

  • Possibilities: Morph Studio can generate videos from text prompts or images, offering flexibility for various creative projects. Users can set aspect ratios, control motion intensity, and even manage camera movements. It operates at a frame rate of 8 to 30 frames per second, ensuring smooth video output. For text-to-video, users can create videos of different durations.

  • Limitations: While Morph Studio simplifies video creation, it relies on the quality of the input prompt or image. A well-crafted prompt or a high-resolution image can result in better video output. It's essential to experiment with different settings to achieve the desired outcome.