AI Video Tools: Comparing the current Video AI Landscape


CogniWerk Editor

Date: 05.12.2023

In the last months, AI video tools have made a significant leap forward in video creation and editing. But every tool comes with its own flaws and highlights. This comparison provides detailed insights into the capabilities and potential impact of various AI video tools in different production settings.

Overview of AI Video Tools

We compare RunwayML Gen2, PikaLabs, Morph Studio, Fulljourney, and Stable Video. With PikaLabs, Morph Studio, and Fulljourney operating via Discord interfaces, and Runway and Stable Video through web-based platforms, the diversity in AI video editing solutions is evident.

Criteria for Comparison

The evaluation criteria include ease of use, diverse features, pricing, and platform compatibility, crucial in assessing the tools' practicality and efficiency in professional video editing.

Detailed Comparison

  1. Camera Movement

    • Each tool uses the same foundational prompt: "A breathtaking landscape with a mountain and a river running rapidly through it," to ensure uniform results. The tools differ mainly in their camera setting adjustments. Discord-based tools like Fulljourney and PikaLabs use prompts such as “-camera zoom in” or “-motion 7,” whereas Runway relies on a button-based interface.
    • Runway ML stands out for its quality. However, Fulljourney yields limited usable material due to its lack of comprehensive settings.
    • In simple camera movements and pans, strengths become apparent. Runway ML and PikaLabs produce excellent results matching the prompt. Morph Studio, however, struggles with a descending pan and tends to adopt a more creative approach overall.

  2. Rotation

    • Rotation is a challenging aspect for many tools. Fulljourney and Stable Video lack this functionality entirely.
    • Runway ML impresses again with stable image control, whereas Morph Studio sometimes distorts images during rotation. PikaLabs struggles to execute a proper rotation, often resulting in what appears to be a horizontal turn rather than a camera rotation.

  3. Motion Speed

    • Runway ML's motion speed settings often resemble time-lapses, even at minimal adjustments. PikaLabs and Morph Studio, on the other hand, effectively modify motion speeds to align with desired results. 

  4. Extras

    • Fulljourney has an unique feature to craft small videos of about 12 seconds with different scenes and even music.
    • Aspect ratio adjustments are exclusive to Morph Studio and PikaLabs, while Morph Studio and Runway ML also offer control over video duration.
    • Unique to PikaLabs and MorphStudio is the ability to adjust frames per second (fps), allowing for stylistic modifications and deliberately staggered video effects.

  5. Pricing

    • Fulljourney, PikaLabs, Morph Studio, and Stable Video are currently freely available, while Runway ML, with advanced features, costs $20 per month. However, it is possible to generate up to 180 seconds for free before you have to upgrade.

Use Cases and Applications

  • RunwayML Gen2 is ideal for professionals in marketing and advertising, offering high-quality, user-friendly editing. 
  • PikaLabs and Stable Video suits experimental filmmaking, requiring stable imagery and text integration. It is also a handy tool for generating trailers or animatics.
  • Morph Studio is best for creative projects like music videos needing dynamic camera movements.
  • Fulljourney caters best to experimental video artists with diverse generation capabilities.

Pros and Cons

  • RunwayML Gen2 is lauded for its quality and ease of use but is limited in motion speed options.
  • PikaLabs offers stability and text integration but falls short in rotation accuracy.
  • Morph Studio excels in camera movement creativity but may cause image distortion.
  • Fulljourney shines in generation capabilities but lacks in camera settings.


This analysis shows each AI video tool's unique strengths, making them suitable for specific types of video production. RunwayML Gen2 emerges as a comprehensive, versatile tool for various professional applications. Morph Studio and PikaLabs specialize in creative and specific project needs. For experimental video editing, Fulljourney offers a broad scope for creativity and exploration. Stable Video is a new model from Stability.AI, with good quality but still lacks control, so it is not yet clear in which direction this tool will evolve.

We encourage our readers to explore these AI video tools to discover the one that best suits their video production needs. Share your experiences and insights, as these tools evolve rapidly, thus contributing to the collective understanding of AI's transformative role in video editing.